How we support you


We’ve been working with agencies to help them create great content for their technology vendor clients since our foundation in 1999. We work with a wide range of agencies, both international and domestic, and we’re proud of the relationships we have with them

We recognise that agencies often have different needs and pressures compared to vendors. Our experience with agencies and unsurpassed levels of customer support mean that we can always find a method that works both for the agency and for their clients

Consultative support

We help agencies at any stage of developing a content plan for their clients, whether that’s providing estimated costs for pitches, establishing possible timelines and frameworks, or even helping develop initial ideas where research might work well for an individual client. In fact, our team often helps agencies understand what research opportunities exist for their vendor clients and helps to define and refine a credible proposition

Flexible project approach

We understand that the connection between agency and client can be complex, so when an agency commissions a research project with us, we can work in any way that works best for them

Sometimes agencies ask us to be invisible to their client. They work with us to develop an understanding of the project goals and we perform the research without interacting with the vendor client

More often, we partner with the agency to work with their client on the research project together. All three parties discuss the research objectives, the questionnaire, what the results mean, and how the research is deployed. This collaboration ensures that the data works for everyone and the vendor client has the benefit of being able to communicate directly with the research experts

Occasionally, an agency will introduce us to the client and then be minimally involved in the research project. This allows the research to be conducted without requiring the agency to arrange and mediate meetings between us and the vendor client

Ultimately, every time we work with an agency we establish a working pattern that’s right for everyone involved

Research for all types of content

The research we conduct is used by agencies to create outstanding content, but that doesn’t just mean headlines and press releases

We can perform research that allows agencies to make brilliant content for events, to help their clients better understand the market, or to measure how the market feels about their clients’ brands. Our full range of research products can work just as well for agencies as they can for vendors directly