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Insights - November 2017

By Simon Crawley |
Insights - November 2017

Last year, we asked IT enterprise decision makers in the UK and US about what demands were faced by the IT department and who controls IT budgets, policies, and strategy.

The research results were so informative that we wanted to run the research again this year. But asking the exact same survey questions again wouldn’t account for the changes that have been happening in enterprises since then.

Evolving the research

The research last year told us that shifts in enterprise IT are due to a mixture of changes at the board level, changes in departments other than IT, and the struggle between strategic and maintenance requirements. We wanted to see how these issues have changed since last year, but other factors will be putting pressure on IT departments too. We thought that compliance and regulations are likely to be playing a part in how IT decision makers are behaving this year in particular, so our question set needed a revamp.

After a lot of debate in the project team, we made three key changes to the survey:

  • We needed to address GDPR. This is definitely causing disruption in organisations, especially now that the date it comes into effect is just around the corner. We’ve run a lot of research on GDPR this year which has revealed a lack of preparation for the legislation, but we were especially interested to see what impact it is having on IT decision makers in their day-to-day roles. Last year the IT department wanted to be strategic but were caught up with managing the IT infrastructure. Are they now distracted by data compliance and have even less of a chance to take on a strategic role?

  • We wanted to find out more about IT buying habits. Repeating questions from the last questionnaire is incredibly important as it enables us to compare the data. Without this comparison we would lose the ability to see how things have changed, but adding to the questions can bring out additional findings. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and when you run a piece of research and find stats that really interest you it’s very easy to see where you could ask more questions. We added new questions about what seniority levels make decisions around IT purchasing, and whether the IT department thinks these decisions are being made effectively.

  • This time, we asked clear questions about the individual, the department, and the organisation. Last year we saw a clear divide between buyers in the IT department and IT buyers in other departments. This year, we wanted to have insight into how the organisation behaves, what the IT decision makers think of the current state of IT, and have an oversight of what individual departments are doing, too.

The results

The latest research reveals some fascinating and surprising results, including the finding that organisations are now less likely to have a CIO than they were last year. Why, and what does this mean for technology roles at c-level?

Read our first report on the research to find out more.

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