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Mapping home entertainment futures with the Consumer Entertainment Index

Mapping home entertainment futures with the Consumer Entertainment Index
"Vanson Bourne has done an incredible job – their team has been able to build on success of recent years and innovate further on research, which speaks volumes for their capabilities."

Jeanne Russo
Global Strategic Communications Lead, ARRIS


Objectives: driving awareness and a strategic partner role

Achieving wider brand awareness through market research is one thing but engaging sales prospects at the same time is quite another. But that is exactly what ARRIS, a global partner of home entertainment industry service providers, achieved with its latest Consumer Entertainment Index (CEI) research.

ARRIS’s 2014 marketing objectives were to build global awareness and position itself as a strategic adviser to pay TV providers such as Liberty Global, content leaders like Disney and existing channel partners. Although ARRIS had previous CEI projects under its belt, the executive team wanted the company to become the industry barometer.

"The 2014 research increased media coverage exponentially compared with previous years. Engagement was through the roof; our directors' meeting highlighted CEI and its customer engagement as one of the programme successes."

Jeanne Russo
Global Strategic Communications Lead, ARRIS


Strategic insight for stakeholders

To reach these goals, Jeanne Russo, Global Strategic Communications Lead at ARRIS, needed new levels of insight into consumers’ home entertainment habits and the implications for different markets.

By talking regularly to business unit colleagues and brainstorming with its market research partner Vanson Bourne, ARRIS’s communications department drew up a wishlist of research topics with internal stakeholders including CTOs, product line managers and sales managers. The CEI had to demonstrate the impacts of key home entertainment trends to ARRIS’s industry partners - whether new markets with less-established services or mature ones approaching saturation - by engaging with them regularly. Vanson Bourne met this ambitious brief with a market research strategy delivering 10,500 consumer interviews across 19 countries.


Global research programme

Vanson Bourne’s project team completed the 10,500 interviews shared between Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and the Americas and the other chosen countries, meeting all of ARRIS’s global communications deadlines for the new Consumer Entertainment index.

Survey progress was monitored by weekly conference calls tied to the marketing plan’s deadlines. Jeanne Russo at ARRIS comments: "Vanson Bourne researchers excelled at delivering field work to support key world-wide events - and they kept us informed all the way."

Jeanne Russo’s team built internal confidence in the CEI pre-launch by asking Vanson Bourne to brief ARRIS regional teams on local results. “Our dedicated Vanson Bourne project manager did a series of Q&A sessions, so stakeholders were confident talking about market trends,” she says.

As the campaign momentum built, ARRIS’s marcomms department retained Vanson Bourne as advisers. With ARRIS regional offices making a series of requests for customised regional and sectoral data, the Vanson Bourne project manager also provided input into these findings during ARRIS’s internal discussions.

"The Vanson Bourne researchers excelled at tying fieldwork to the different world-wide marketing programme events depending on it."

Jeanne Russo
Global Strategic Communications Lead, ARRIS


ARRIS the authority

The latest CEI has confirmed many of ARRIS’s stakeholders’ assumptions over consumer entertainment habits and identified new trends. The index became a focal point of ARRIS’s world-wide marketing outreach – kicked off by the Video Leadership Forum (VLF) - which included research reports as well as briefings for analysts and reporters. Blogs and infographics provided instantly-shareable insights in social media.

Survey data proved that the living room TV remains the hub for home entertainment, despite family members’ ‘spin off’ consumption of different programmes via smart devices and laptops. As an ARRIS executive puts it: “we’re not cord cutting just yet.”

Another finding is near-global 'binge viewing', leading to peak pressures on providers’ networks or home devices’ storage capacity downstream. Intriguingly, the market research also pointed to the changing nature of advertising formats and continuing questions over its intrusiveness across delivery channels.

Media coverage greatly surpassed that achieved by previous CEIs with 1.2 billion global impressions (worth over $70 million in equivalent advertising spending) and direct mail click through rates six times higher than the industry average. And the ARRIS team made more than 20 presentations of the findings to customers and industry audiences. The CEI has achieved brand awareness gains for ARRIS that dwarf the initial research outlay. Regional highlights included ‘breakthrough’ insights for analysts and media in the fast-growing Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region, eventually delivering 75 million media impressions in this region alone. ARRIS has made the leap to strategic adviser while its industry partners have acted on the CEI’s implications for capex planning.


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