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Evolving the Digital Experience in 2017

Evolving the Digital Experience in 2017

"All in all, working with Vanson Bourne was a great experience. The research provided us with the data and insights to create some great assets that really speak to our customers and the challenges they are facing"

Derek Stevens
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

Why did CA Technologies want to perform market research?

CA Technologies often uses market research findings as part of its content marketing strategy. In late 2016, they wanted to develop insights that explore how companies are working to improve customer experience across digital platforms, the benefits of making improvements to the digital experience, and how their brand is perceived in regards to it.

Improving customers’ digital experience can be a major challenge for brands, and it’s something that CA Technologies knows its customers can struggle with. A lot goes into the creation and optimisation of applications that perform well and are crash- or error-free, and it’s more complex today than it ever has been. Gaining an overview of the challenges and overall experience that organisations are having with digital was a key goal from the research, so that CA Technologies can further provide assistance and value to their customer base.

Why was Vanson Bourne the right choice?

CA Technologies has partnered with Vanson Bourne on market research for a decade. The decision to commission us for the research on this particular project was made not only due to our reputation and the existing relationship, but also on our ability to act collaboratively as an advisor on every aspect of the project, and the knowledge that Vanson Bourne could reach the right kind of respondent for this research.

"From previous experience and knowing the quality of the data that Vanson Bourne provides, they were our top choice for this project"

Derek Stevens
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

How did the project progress?

Vanson Bourne conducted 125 interviews in the United States and another 75 interviews in the United Kingdom in organisations with 500 employees or more, or a global annual revenue of $1 billion. Interview subjects were IT decision makers with involvement in or responsibility for developing mobile/web applications.

The level of collaboration throughout this project contributed fundamentally to the success of the work. The questionnaire design process was iterative, with both parties able to respond quickly to one another. CA Technologies always offered great feedback and suggestions. Their subject expertise coupled with our questionnaire design capabilities ensured that the research would get the required level of detail, provide the right direction for the research, create reliable results, and be fair to the respondents taking part.

"The Vanson Bourne team was very easy to work with. They worked to tight timelines, and delivered with exceptional quality"

Derek Stevens
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

The research found a number of unique and headline-worthy statistics, including:

  • 99% of businesses in the US expect to see an average of 21% growth from embracing digital transformation
  • 90% experienced business challenges with digitalisation, including resistance to change and lack of in-house skills
  • 91% experienced technical challenges, such as increased complexity, siloed data and speed of technology change
  • 90% of organisations feel they lack insights into their digital experience, with the top three areas of improvement being usage analytics, insights, and performance analytics

These results were discovered through Vanson Bourne’s full range of insight deliverables, consisting of a data summary, data discussion, and commentary report. In addition, CA Technologies commissioned an additional whitepaper for this work, as well as our participation in a webinar.

Simon Crawley, the nominated Project Manager for this research, delivered a webinar that showed an overview of the story behind the data and the project specifications, which representatives from CA Technologies then elaborated on to discuss what the findings mean for the future of the digital experience. The webinar has since been used in many different places, including being uploaded to YouTube.

How did the research contribute to the campaign?

"The research let us test our assumptions and provided us with a foundation for building relevant content, so that we could better help our customers with the challenges they face in improving the digital experience"

Derek Stevens
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

Altogether, around a dozen customer facing assets have been created from this research. Infographics, eBooks, presentations, a blog series, and other collateral have all been created based on this research project, and the content is all highly relevant to CA Technologies’ customers and prospects.

"We gained the insight that improved our awareness of the situation on the topic, as well as product level stats on how we’re actually helping to improve our customers’ efforts today. It was extremely valuable to have two sets of stats"

Derek Stevens
Senior Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies

Visit here to read more about the research findings and see some of the assets that have been created.

If you have any specific questions about the research, or what it's like to work with Vanson Bourne, feel free to get in touch with Derek Stevens, Senior Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies, via LinkedIn or Twitter (@DerekintheCloud) for more information.

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