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Leading independent cybersecurity company

Leading independent cybersecurity company

"I’ve been working with Vanson Bourne for over ten years – they are professional, thorough and have never let me down; I’m their biggest fan and I’d recommend them to anyone"

Research project lead, leading independent cybersecurity company

Why did the client want to perform market research?

This company frequently uses research in order to produce content and reports to educate businesses and consumers. They have used Vanson Bourne for many research projects and turn the results into compelling content, and this study was no different. As leaders in the field of cybersecurity, the client believed that businesses trying to defend themselves against hackers and cybercriminals may actually be able to learn from the attackers themselves. Could security-as-a-service become as competitive as crime-as-a-service?

To explore this idea, in late 2016 the client teamed up with a leading US thinktank which conducts policy studies and strategic analyses of political, economic and security issues throughout the world.
As part of that work, they commissioned Vanson Bourne to conduct 800 international interviews, with organisations in sectors susceptible to security attacks including finance, healthcare and the public sector. The survey targeted respondents with executive-level responsibility for cybersecurity as well as operators who have technical and implementation responsibilities for cybersecurity. Countries surveyed include Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

Why were we the right choice?

Both the client and the thinktank have partnered with Vanson Bourne on research projects in the past. Due to their respective experiences of working with us, as well as the access we have to IT specialists, Vanson Bourne was the best choice for this piece of research.

"Whenever we conduct research, Vanson Bourne are our first choice, they’ve worked with us and our academic partners before, and it’s always been a great success. Their collaborative approach to research design and their rigorous data checking procedures mean we know we’re in safe hands"

Research project lead, leading independent cybersecurity company

How did the project progress?

This project needed to move quickly. Vanson Bourne had to conduct the 800 global interviews in respondents' native languages in under five weeks in order to be able to conduct the analysis and report to the client before the holiday season. Great communication and availability meant that all stages of the research process ran smoothly. Our long-standing relationship with the client meant that we were able to get out of the blocks quickly. That, teamed with the client having clear research objectives from the start of the project, meant that the research was delivered early, giving the client more time to work on the campaign pre-launch. This not only contributed to the success of the research, but also allowed everyone to enjoy their holidays that little bit more!

"Vanson Bourne are a great research partner; not only do I know they can get to our target audience, I know that they always deliver on time. Having such experts on hand really takes the stress out of projects like these"

Research project lead, leading independent cybersecurity company

The client had a large team of people working on this launch, including several external graphic designers and writers. They particularly benefitted from Vanson Bourne’s data discussion, as it effectively doubled as a team briefing. We supported the client by arranging multiple calls to discuss the data with different groups of people across different time zones.

"The team at Vanson Bourne were so close to our objectives that it was like an in-house team presenting the results back to us. Having them do these calls for us saved us a lot of time"

Research project lead, leading independent cybersecurity company

How did the research contribute to the campaign?

The client used the research findings to create many different content pieces, including an executive summary, full written report, infographic, and even a book, all of which received hundreds of downloads within the first few weeks. A breakfast event was also hosted with the thinktank to discuss the findings.

About Leading Independent Cybersecurity Company

Our client, one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies, helps businesses to create and maintain cyber environments that are truly integrated, and where protection, detection, and correction of threats happens simultaneously and collaboratively.