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The State of Mid-Market Cybersecurity

The State of Mid-Market Cybersecurity

Why did Arctic Wolf want to perform market research?

As a start-up, Arctic Wolf want to be top of mind for their market. With the timeline allowing the release of collateral early in 2017, all involved also considered that the results would be a great vehicle to give Arctic Wolf some talking points for the RSA Conference.

With this in mind, Arctic Wolf decided to commission a bespoke piece of market research with 200 security IT decision makers on the topic of cybersecurity. This was to be their first-ever piece of market research.


Why was Vanson Bourne the right choice?

Arctic Wolf’s PR company, Merritt Group, was tasked with finding a market research provider that could target the required respondent. They were aware of Vanson Bourne’s omnibus service which provides a similar scope, so contacted us with an enquiry. Merritt Group were very impressed and grateful for the number of different options provided to them, as we worked with them to help define and refine their audience. Key to that was understanding how our omnibus service differs from their need, and finding a solution which worked for Arctic Wolf while still being affordable.

"Vanson Bourne’s flexibility and availability over the phone and email during the quote process was very impressive. We were provided a number of options and were pleasantly surprised that we could get a bespoke project within our budget"

Pazia Colella
Account Supervisor, Merritt Group

We established how best to deliver the results and insight in a way that made sense to both Arctic Wolf and Merritt Group, and the detail provided in the quote process proved invaluable to streamlining the delivery process

"We knew exactly what outputs to expect and when to expect them throughout the project, and we were not disappointed"

Pazia Colella
Account Supervisor, Merritt Group


How did the project progress?

This level of flexibility and availability continued throughout the project process. During the early stages of questionnaire design, Merritt introduced Arctic Wolf to Vanson Bourne and the collaboration began in earnest.

"There were a number of stakeholders within Arctic Wolf that wanted different things from the research but Vanson Bourne did well to balance these and satisfy everyone"

Young-Sae Song
Vice President Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks

Being new to market research, Arctic Wolf and Merritt Group leaned heavily on our expertise to create the questionnaire. They sent us a wealth of briefing materials including video demonstrations, which we used to create a first draft of the question set. Their feedback on the first draft was very quick and insightful, including clarifications of how they wanted to use the research data and additional areas that they wanted to explore more deeply. This collaborative process allowed the survey itself to be as appropriate and comprehensive as possible.

Arctic Wolf received Vanson Bourne’s suite of insight deliverables: a data summary containing full data tables with a one page written summary; a data discussion where Merritt, Arctic Wolf and Vanson Bourne discussed the results over a conference call; and a commentary report, a PowerPoint deck showing the story from the data in a graphical way.

Key findings that came out of the research include:

  • 100% of respondents report that their organisation’s cybersecurity could improve in at least one area
  • Nearly nine in ten (88%) report that their organisation needs a security operations centre, with just 48% claiming that their organisation already has one
  • Half (50%) of respondents admit that security is so complex, they don’t know where to start to improve their organisation’s security posture
  • Nearly three-quarters of IT decision makers (72%) say that they find it difficult to focus on IT security as much as they should, as their role covers many areas
  • More than half (52%) of security alerts are not investigated for at least a day after the event
    • With 13% not being investigated at all, on average
    • 46% of security alerts in respondents’ organisations, on average, turn out to be false positives


How did the research contribute to the campaign?

By staggering the release of key statistics, Arctic Wolf has since released various articles, finding that it is a good way to help them to stay in the news cycle.

The results were also highlighted in an invitation only panel discussion that featured industry analysts and customers. The survey results helped reinforce the message of needing Arctic Wolf’s services and added credibility to the message with real life data.

"This project with Vanson Bourne was well worth the investment. We gained insights into our target market, and we leveraged those insights to establish thought leadership in the security industry. We look forward to working with them again in the future"

Pazia Colella
Account Supervisor, Merritt Group

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