Content deliverables

Easily deployable content

To get the best return from an investment in market research, the results need to be presented in a clear and engaging way. Text, graphics, animations, events, and interactive tools can be developed and deployed to reach a range of audiences and ensure a widespread awareness of the results

We’re experts at helping clients create great content based on market research. As well as offering to sanity check all collateral a client produces to make sure it represents the results of our research accurately, we can create impactful collateral based on our research

From crafting a simple Twitter-ready infographic to presenting the results at an event anywhere in the world, we can produce almost anything that could be created from market research data


Written content

Need a document that summarises the findings of the research in a narrative format?

Our executive summaries outline the results over a few pages, written in a user-friendly style, and accompanied by some simple charts and graphs. They are authoritative but bite-sized, the ideal way to confidently make a proof point to a prospect or client

If a research project covers multiple topics or stories, a written summary of one or all of those narratives may be a useful way to break down the project into easily distributable phases

Much like an executive summary, topic-led reports summarise a whole story in easy-to-read text with charts and graphs where they add value. A handy way to show a complicated story really quickly

Sometimes the richness of results on a project demands a more thorough analysis. We can create a whitepaper that explores the results in detail, written in a narrative form to keep the story behind the findings engaging

It can be delivered either in our custom in-house template to reflect the independence of the research, or designed to use our client’s branding, whatever is most appropriate each time

Social content

Graphics get a lot of attention, and our infographics are great for drawing attention to research-based campaigns regardless of the channel used

We know what works best depending on where the infographic will be deployed, and work with our clients to design something simple and elegant in their campaign’s branding

If infographics get attention, our videos get even more interest. We can work with clients to script out and storyboard animated videos based on the research, created quickly and in an agreed and engaging design and format

We write about research every day. We know how to draw attention to the most powerful research findings and get the audience thinking

We can do that in blog format too, be that to summarise the entire findings, express our opinion on what the data means, or provide a voice of expertise on the subject matter. We add an important and impartial third party voice to add authority to our client's social voice

Event content

Market research makes great webinar material, and we've got a lot of experience in helping make our client's webinars a success

We’re able to contribute to webinars to any extent, from being on hand to answer technicalities about the research, to walking through a presentation, right through to hosting and organising. Just like everything else, we can do this in either our client's branding or our own

There’s nothing more exciting than getting people in a room to talk about results

The team is very experienced at contributing to client events. We can be there as support to help if questions arise, we can be part of a panel to offer analysis or opinion, we can host a wider discussion, or we can fly to anywhere in the world to present the results

Interactive content

What does research data mean to clients and prospects? By creating a tool that allows them to measure their experience against survey respondents, the results come alive and those clients and prospects become more engaged

We can develop a question framework that groups people into several discrete persona types and shows them how they compare to the survey sample. This allows our clients to treat prospects as individuals and serve them totally appropriate content and messaging

All this is hosted in a custom-designed online survey tool, which can be sent to prospects, used at events, or form part of outbound sales campaigns

A good story made from market research can make a great self-contained campaign website, designed to make audiences engrossed in the results

We develop sites that walk through a story, host longer reports, and drive clients and prospects to certain channels, all designed to our client's in-house style