How we deliver our research

Vanson Bourne offers a range of ways to deliver research results. Every client and every project we perform is unique, so we work with our clients to deliver data, insight, and collateral in the most appropriate way each and every time

Insight deliverables

We’re renowned for the knowledge and insight that our team offers beyond simply delivering data and percentages. Everyone at Vanson Bourne is trained to identify the most revealing and headline-worthy stats in any data set as well as how they fit into an overall compelling story. We’re also experts in delivering that insight to clients, and we’ve developed a simple, three-part run of deliverables that delivers that expertise alongside the data itself


Content deliverables

We’re experts at helping clients create great content based on market research. As well as offering to sanity check any collateral a client produces on any project we perform, we can create impactful collateral based on our research. From a simple Twitter-ready infographic to presenting the results at an event anywhere in the world, we can produce almost anything that could be created from market research data

Written content

Reports produced by the team that explain the research in depth or summarise the findings around particular topics. These can be used for internal knowledge sharing or as public-facing pieces of collateral

Social content

Easily shareable and digestable content based on the research, designed to spark engagement. Each item is designed to the client's style, with input from us on how best to display and represent the results

Event content

We provide support for our clients' events, no matter what form that support takes. This covers everything from presenting, responding to audience questions, or being on hand for anything else

Interactive content

Web-based resources designed to engage clients and prospects in a novel and thought-provoking way. They can collect information about prospects for use in sales and lead generation campaigns

Data-only deliverables

Some clients are happy to delve into the data themselves and require only the lightest level of service from us. For those clients, we offer data in two forms depending on their expertise

A web-based link, the data report is identical in form to a data link but lacks the one page written analysis. All of the results from the research are included, with each question displayed on a single page and the data able to be broken down by demographics agreed with the client. This allows easy comparison of results by sector or size of organisation, as well as any other important demographic. The question asked, the results, and the number of interviews are all clearly laid out allowing clients to find the right data with the right context every time

For clients used to dealing with raw information, we are able to produce a spreadsheet or CSV export from our survey software that shows how each respondent answered each question. No percentages or overall analysis is contained in this deliverable, but it’s the perfect document to create pivot tables or to import into other software