Commentary report

The research story, beautifully designed

A shareable, easy-to-digest visual summary, typically delivered in PowerPoint format. It is designed to summarise the narrative and key areas of interest explored in the data discussion using both graphs and written analysis. As this refines the story already identified, it’s the perfect document to discuss the research with other key stakeholders without overwhelming them with data tables and percentages

Click here to download an example commentary report  

The core of the research

Having refined the story with our clients, it’s essential to capture that narrative in a document that embodies the core of the results

Rather than trying to address every data point or even every question asked during the research, the commentary report follows a story. Its narrative structure means that anyone can open it and understand both the project itself and the meaning behind the data

At around 25–30 pages in length, the commentary report still feels like a substantial and meaningful report without being overwhelmingly long

Designed to be simple...

To help make the findings simple, the story is split into separate chapters. Complicated data points are spread across multiple sheets and where the data might get complicated, it is shown in graphical form rather than as raw numbers

The report is typically built using a template that’s designed to express a market research story as clearly as possible. Graphs are given prominence, a key stat is clearly identified, and discussion is limited to as few paragraphs as possible 

And the text follows an in-house style that's developed to make the results easy to digest by anyone

...and designed to your specifications

Although our own template is designed specifically to tell a story from research results, we are happy to create the commentary report using a client’s livery or design guide. This is especially helpful when a client needs to present the research findings themselves, either to other stakeholders or to clients or prospects

Regardless of the template used, the final result is a document which our client should be comfortable in using themselves, both to present the results to others and to use as an overall summary of the agreed story

And, of course, the Vanson Bourne team is able to present the report to any audience if required