Data discussion

Finding the right story with you

A face-to-face meeting or conference call designed to build on and discuss the story from the data link, the data discussion is an opportunity for us to debate and collaborate with our clients on the meaning of the results

Looking beyond the most selected answers and how the total number of participants answered the survey, the discussion often goes further and looks at how specific groups or demographics differ from each other and why this might be

The ultimate goal is to refine the story so that everyone knows the most important findings and how they can be expressed. It's not just us informing our clients of the results, it's us working with our clients to find the best and most compelling stories possible


Having the opportunity to talk about project data with our clients is the best way to create a thought-provoking narrative

Having a focused discussion about the research data allows us to convey what we think is important and unusual, but it’s a key moment for clients to feed back on the story being found in the data too. The result is a team that’s agreed on the research’s narrative and a client that totally understands and appreciates what might otherwise be difficult to find

Something to talk about

The discussion itself centres on a custom-built version of the data summary already delivered to the client. By using a format the client has already seen, we’re able to walk through a familiar data set to help ease even the least technically minded into the discussion

The team reorders the full data set into a narrative structure, building a document that follows a story for us to discuss with the client. We take the time to build the best possible report to talk through rather than recycling what’s already been provided


In creating this document, the team expands on the story already defined in the data summary. We consider how the story differs by key groups like different sectors or respondent types, and find data that might seem contradictory or unusual. We find more than just the simple story to help us have a thought-provoking group discussion

At your convenience

We arrange the data discussion to be at the best time and location for our clients

We’re happy to host clients at our offices, to travel wherever they might be based, or to have a conference call with a screenshare. If appropriate, we always ask to record the conversation - including video showing any movement around the Excel file - to share with clients who may not be able to make the meeting

The discussion is designed to be open. We avoid lecturing clients on what the data says and encourage everyone participating to contribute. The result is a discussion that brings everyone up to speed and agrees on the message behind the results