Data link

Comprehensive but simple to use

An online reporting tool showing all questions asked in a survey, our data links are market-leading examples of how to deliver comprehensive data while still being user friendly and easy to navigate. Delivered with comments from the team highlighting major trends and the story behind the data 

The ultimate flexible deliverable: readers can choose to focus solely on the top findings from the team or take a more in-depth look at the entire data set

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Data made simple

Receiving all of the results from a research project can be overwhelming. There can be hundreds, if not thousands, of possible data points to explore

We’ve devised a solution that delivers you the comprehensive data set in a way that’s simple and clean 

Each question asked during the research is shown on a separate page in the online report. The layout clearly shows exactly what question was asked, who answered it, and how many people fall into each category

And because clients are always eager for results as quickly as possible, we're able to publish the data link as soon as a significant number of interviews have been performed. A very specific type of respondent might mean that interviewing takes a while, but an interim link means that stories and content can start to be generated before the final interview has been performed

Dive even deeper

The online report might be designed to be simple, but it's also a powerful tool that allows you to explore more than just the top level findings

The report initially shows how all survey participants answered each question. A menu bar lets users see how the results change by country, business sector, the size of company, or any demographic asked during the research

Thinking that your campaign might need a specific story for China, or approached for comment by a trade publication in a certain industry? The data link lets you see the difference to the total with just a click

More than just data

We don't just deliver the raw results. We think about the data and your objectives to draw out the findings which are most important for you

When all the data is collected, the team looks at the results and discusses the trends, differences, and surprises. We consider your original themes and topics of interest in detail and look at the results to find the data that creates a powerful story that will make for great content

At the same time we publish the final results, we list those big findings in a covering email and start a discussion about how you can use these findings, what other data points might be useful, and if there are other supporting stories which tie into your goals

Built with care

Before the data is sent to the client, the data link is reviewed by the whole team

It gets seen by an average of five pairs of eyes looking for a range of things like inconsistencies in the data, whether the story could be improved any further, and even if the grammar and syntax make sense

This ensures that what you receive is of the highest quality. We take pride in consistently delivering work that is accurate, simple to understand, and easy to use, and our review process means that this happens on every project