Company history

Specialising in tech research since 1999

Graham Opie and Kevin Withnall established Vanson Bourne in September 1999 to provide market research services to technology vendors. They had both previously worked in a senior marketing capacity in research, marketing, and technology organisations, and saw the approach of a new millennium as an auspicious moment to start their own business

In the early years, Graham and Kevin forged strong client relationships and laid a solid foundation for the business and, by the mid-2000s, with the service Vanson Bourne offers being such a success, they started building out a larger team to realise the company’s full potential. By recruiting talented local graduates, building their skills, and ensuring that client service is always the focus, the company went from strength to strength

Vanson Bourne’s present-day structure is underpinned at all levels by people who joined immediately or soon after graduating. As the company continues to grow, so does our commitment to nurture the team's acclaimed client focus in tandem with our market research expertise

And, of course, Kevin and Graham are here to make sure their founding principles still persist