Brand engagement

Understand how your company is understood

Does your target market know about you? And if they are aware, do they know what makes your brand different and suitable for consideration?

How do you assess whether limited budgets are being worked optimally, if your expenditure is delivering best value, or if there are issues that need attention?

Research about you

Vanson Bourne can help get the best value possible from marketing budgets by asking your target market about you, your sector, and your competitors. By developing a questionnaire designed specifically to understand what your audience thinks, we can help you understand where to direct your budget, how your brand compares to your competitors', and where your messaging can be stronger

A typical brand engagement project will explore:

  • How well known is your brand in the sectors/markets/demographics you are targeting?
  • What does the market want that you can offer?
  • Are you recognised as a credible provider?
  • What product/service attributes or deficiencies are you perceived to have, and how do these perceptions vary between those who know you well and those who don’t?
  • Where are you in the pecking order when it comes to consideration, and what do you need to do to move up the list?
  • How differentiated is your positioning? Is the market “getting” your story?

More than just data

All of this is delivered to you with Vanson Bourne’s market-leading care and attention. Along with the data itself, the team digs through the data to pull out the most valuable insights, the best points to describe your audience, and simple narratives that explain complicated data. We can just execute the research if you prefer, or we can work alongside your marketing, business intelligence, and senior teams to uncover the best possible value in the data