Customer engagement

Helping you know your buyer

Is the customer always heard by the marketing team?

It may be cheaper and more profitable to retain and grow existing customers than to win new ones, but making sure that marketing’s engagement with customers is always positive isn’t easy

Customers may be inaccessible or unknown, an individual customer may use different channels to contact you, or your accounts teams might resist marketing’s attempts to engage with valuable customer contacts. Engaging with customers to understand their motivations and concerns might not be happening as regularly or as thoroughly as you’d like

How can you be sure that all your customers can engage with you to register their pleasure, displeasure, or even apathy with your organisation?

Measuring your customers

We can ensure that your organisation resonates with customers by asking them questions that give you meaningful insight. That could be as a one-off campaign, a regular evaluation, an event-based review, or even as a continuous project. We can develop a framework, survey tool, and deployment scheme that meets your needs

Typical customer engagement projects would look to understand:

  • The customer view of your products/services
  • What’s good about being a customer and what needs to improve
  • What more you could provide to the customer
  • How valuable the customer feels to you
  • How valuable you are to the customer
  • What contact points work and which don’t
  • Who else they use, what’s good about them, and how you compare

Refined delivery

Key to any project is delivering the results back to you. It’s not just data in a table – our team works with you to pull out the most meaningful data points and explains complex sets of data using straightforward narratives and examples. Our work doesn’t finish when the last interview is performed, as we support you whenever there’s a need to understand the results