Demand generation

Using research to drive sales

Struggling with demand generation?

We can extend the value of your research investment by developing a direct engagement tool that supports your demand generation targets

Results from market research can be developed into a range of compelling deliverables, and more traditional collateral like whitepapers and infographics won't engage every prospect

An interactive tool that allows prospects and customers to benchmark themselves against the research data is extremely engaging. It also lets you show messages and content appropriate for that individual and their circumstance. If designed well, it also captures insight about that person to help direct other sales and marketing activity

Designed with demand generation in mind

By designing the right questions during the market research, we can create data that starts to group the research respondents into several discrete profiles or personas. We can then see how those personas tended to answer other questions in the research and make conclusions about their problems, issues, and solutions


Engaging and empathetic

By developing a tool that places a prospect into one of those persona groups, we can use the market research data to understand more about that prospect and guide them appropriately

Are they in an organisation refusing to implement BYOD? Less likely to invest in new security features? More likely to expand overseas than the average? We can show prospects what their peers say are common issues for them


Directing prospects appropriately

Best of all, each prospect can receive guidance and advice that’s appropriate to them using the learnings from the market research data. They can be served custom reports tailored to their needs, shown solutions that help solve a problem they’re facing, or ask to speak to someone about their situation