Event audience feedback

Making event content compelling

Events can provide one of the best returns on investment for technology marketers, but how can those events be as meaningful to your audience as possible?

You want to engage event audiences and demonstrate how well you understand them and their issues. And you naturally want very positive audience satisfaction and sales engagement

What collateral can be created that captures the interest and begins a conversation with such a valuable audience?

Researching the audience to gain new insight

We have developed a proposition that engages audiences before they’ve even attended your event

We work with you to develop a brief yet highly insightful questionnaire that assesses an organisation’s challenges and priorities in the context of your event’s focus. As part of the registration process, these few questions are delivered to each registrant either by you or by us, whatever works best for you

Before the event, we compile the data from those questions and analyse the results. Like any Vanson Bourne project, we work with you to find the most interesting, engaging, and meaningful data points and narratives from the data. We then help you craft these findings into content for the event, and even present the results during the event

By replaying the audience’s thought and opinion back to them, the event can be tailored to the issues that matter to them. It becomes extremely appropriate and shows that yours is an empathetic organisation that understands that market

Beyond the event

For every person who attends the event, there are hundreds of other similar prospects who aren’t attending. By considering attendees to be a representative subset of your entire market, the data collected can be repurposed and served to those who can’t be there. The data and the content continues to live well after the event itself, and it can be just as engaging and effective

And, just like every project we perform, we help you to express and use that data as best as it possibly can