Market metrics

Understanding your opportunity

In the dynamic and fluid technology market, many things influence how buyers behave. Most of these are outside your control, but how and when they change represent real threats to your success

Factors like customer behaviour, channel, price, and the impact of competitor activity are crucial to how your proposition is understood in the wider marketplace. A failure to track metrics like these is likely to limit the effectiveness of your marketing activity and sales engagement

Understanding your market

We can help you to stay focused on the rest of the market so that you can change your plans based on hard fact

We can track performance indicators that are most important and practical to you and your brand messaging. Factors like market share, sentiment, brand perception, and customer satisfaction can be brought together and understood as a whole rather than individually. Each of these data points in isolation may be meaningless, but together they give a detailed overview of the market

This can be coupled with additional research amongst a representative group of your target market. By asking them about buying needs, preferred means of purchase, price sensitivities, and media consumption habits through the buying cycle, we can tie their actions back to how the market may be changing

Optimising your marketing approach

All of this data needs to help you optimise existing market opportunity, address new markets, and deliver new products. Our team works with you to understand the meaning behind the results

We find the best data points beyond simply the most-selected answer and discuss the findings with you in an easy to understand manner. By continually thinking about your needs and goals, we give you the ability to make meaningful decisions based on the results