Research for content

Creating engaging collateral

Helping technology vendors and their agencies create content based on our research is what Vanson Bourne has been perfecting for almost twenty years

Market research makes authoritative and powerful content for all kinds of communications, lead generation activity, and thought leadership campaigns. This helps set our clients apart from their peers and engage customers, prospects, and influencers

We’ve partnered with a range of technology companies across the globe. Our expert approach coupled with our unsurpassed levels of customer support mean that we can help anyone generate intriguing data points that create a great story

Research that's unique

Every research project we perform is bespoke

Our team works with clients to understand their marketing challenges and how research-based content can solve them. We consider what types of questions, data, and insight would best help them to succeed, and design a research project that’s a perfect fit

As part of that design, we often help to establish the subject of the research and understand how others are examining the same issues, as well as how content based on the results can be deployed for maximum effect

Research that gets noticed

Marketing activity based on our research has generated billions of views, and thousands of new prospects and contracts for our clients. Our research has been published in publications as diverse as the Financial Times, The Register, TechCrunch, BBC Business News, the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian

And it’s not unusual to see influencers and journalists writing stories that use research we’ve performed for a client months or even years after a campaign has launched

Research for many channels

It’s not just about headlines. Market research data can be used to create a wide variety of deliverables, each tailored to a specific audience or goal

Our clients have used our research insights to create infographics, event material, animated videos, interactive benchmarking tools, and microsites, among many others. We can create these sorts of deliverables too, either in a suggested style or in our client’s design guidelines

Research for use again and again

As part of our delivery process, we collaborate with our clients to find the most compelling stories from the data. The data can be so rich that many different and complementary stories can be identified, giving our clients the opportunity to expand their messaging

We look for a range of narratives while analysing the results. If our clients have messaging targets for certain sectors, countries, or other demographics, we examine the data to discover a compelling story for each audience